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More than the leaves are changing

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Back to school






September marks the start of a new season and a busy time for many as the kids head back to school and families start working out the schedule for the new school year. This can be a stressful time for parents and children adjusting too many changes such as new teachers, bus routes and child care along with extra-curricular activities beginning, to name just a few.

While navigating through periods of change it is important to remember:
• Change doesn’t always feel great at the start. If you can pace yourself so you are in a better position to adjust, it won’t feel as difficult. Don’t be too hard on yourself during this time.
• Think back to other times when you adjusted to periods of change. Reflecting on previous successes may help you feel empowered
• Not everything is changing; realize that some things will stay the same this may help you feel more at ease.

If you are having difficulty working through the transitions and your benefit plan includes an employee assistance program (EAP) as part of your benefits, see what services are available to you under the plan. EAP programs offer confidential counselling and resources for a wide variety of life balance and health issues and are an excellent support to help you 24 hours a day.

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