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Is the Internet Making You Sick? Ovarian Cancer – Anna’s Story

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“The feeling of empowerment that comes with understanding what is happening to us when we are experiencing a health problem can instantly reduce two of the most uncomfortable symptoms, anxiety and fear. While we may be receiving care from excellent physicians, many of us feel the need to know more than what a 15 minute session at the doctor’s office can provide. That’s why Best Doctors introduced Best Doctors 360°. Become a member of Best Doctors, this service is available to you whenever you need help understanding a medical condition or navigating the health care system. When you call, one of our Member Advocates, a Registered Nurse will research your health concern and provide you with reliable information you can trust.”

Christopher Gannage, M.D., C.C.F.P.(EM), F.C.F.P.

Medical Director, Best Doctors

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