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Eating Well In The Workplace

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1.  Boosts concentration, productivity and vitality;

2. Reduces sick days and corresponding catch-up days

by improving overall health;

3. Helps to prevent chronic illnesses such as type 2

diabetes and heart disease.

TIP #1: Avoid morning brain-drain.

The secret to having breakfast? Prepare it the night

before. Did you know 40% of Canadians skip breakfast

due to rushed mornings? The body and brain end up

lacking fuel and are less able to concentrate.

Get fueled to take on the day! Grab and go with a makeahead

parfait, layering rolled-oats with Greek yogurt,

berries, and nuts, or wake up to the aroma of slow cooked

barley topped with apples, pecans and cinnamon. For

those really rushed mornings: keep a box of high-fibre

cereal, milk and fruit at work.

TIP #2: Reinvent that boring brown bag lunch.

Say goodbye to your old brown bag lunch with these

simple and tasty ideas:

• Mix chickpeas, roasted yams, quinoa, and any

vegetables you have on hand, with a citrus vinaigrette

dressing for a fibre-packed salad bowl.

• Reinvent dinner leftovers by using the extra chicken

in a wrap topped with avocado, cilantro, tomatoes,

lime juice finished with a kick of hot sauce.

• Prep your own snack platter for lunch with veggie

sticks, low fat cheese, hummus, whole grain pita, and

cut up fruit.

TIP #3: Tackle mid-day energy slumps.

Skip the afternoon slumps with these three energyboosting


• Energize your body with a quick power walk or do a

few stretches at your desk.

If you’re hungry, grab a high fibre and protein snack

such as celery sticks with nut butter or sliced fruit

with cottage cheese for long-lasting energy.

• Stay hydrated to avoid feeling sleepy. For a refreshing

twist, add frozen fruit and mint to your water.

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